A WordPress plugin for travel maps

Travelmap helps you show your travels on a Google map in any post or page. Add places you have visited or plan to visit to show them connected on a world map.

Add arrival dates to automatically show your current position and where you have been so far. Each place can be linked to a custom url – for example a blog post, Wikipedia entry or Flickr album. Geocoding is done automatically based on city and country – but if you need to you can override with your own coordinates.

Inserting maps or lists

You can show your travels in posts or pages as a map and/or list using shortcodes.
For the map (height of map in pixels):
[travelmap-map height=400]
For the list:

Showing partial maps

Your can show partial maps/lists by using shortcode attributes first and/or last. This is handy if you have done several trips and want to show them in separate posts or pages.
[travelmap-map first=5 last=15]
[travelmap-map first=2010-01-01 last=2010-12-31]
This works for the list as well:
[travelmap-list first=5 last=15]
[travelmap-list first=2010-01-01 last=2010-12-31]

You can use either dates or the row numbers from the plugin options page. Different maps can have overlapping dates/numbers.

Turning off lines or markers

You can use shortcode attributes to show only markers or only lines:
[travelmap-map markers=false]
[travelmap-map lines=false]

View Travelmap in action
Download Travelmap at wordpress.org

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