A WordPress plugin for travel maps

Travelmap helps you show your travels on a Google map in any post or page. Add places you have visited or plan to visit to show them connected on a world map.

Add arrival dates to automatically show your current position and where you have been so far. Each place can be linked to a custom url – for example a blog post, Wikipedia entry or Flickr album. Geocoding is done automatically based on city and country – but if you need to you can override with your own coordinates.

Inserting maps or lists

You can show your travels in posts or pages as a map and/or list using shortcodes.
For the map (height of map in pixels):
[travelmap-map height=400]
For the list:

Showing partial maps

Your can show partial maps/lists by using shortcode attributes first and/or last. This is handy if you have done several trips and want to show them in separate posts or pages.
[travelmap-map first=5 last=15]
[travelmap-map first=2010-01-01 last=2010-12-31]
This works for the list as well:
[travelmap-list first=5 last=15]
[travelmap-list first=2010-01-01 last=2010-12-31]

You can use either dates or the row numbers from the plugin options page. Different maps can have overlapping dates/numbers.

Turning off lines or markers

You can use shortcode attributes to show only markers or only lines:
[travelmap-map markers=false]
[travelmap-map lines=false]

View Travelmap in action
Download Travelmap at wordpress.org

travelmap admin A Wordpress plugin for travel maps

Travelmap plugin administration

134 Responses to A WordPress plugin for travel maps

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  4. Ricardo says:

    Hi Marcus!
    The plugin is quite interesting but it needs a couple of improvements, IMHO:
    – Accepting locations as countries only (no city values);
    – Being able to edit URL and Arrival field locations;
    – The ability to create several travelmaps (the workaround is not practical as soon as you have several maps or if you add an extra location to the first map).

    Looking forward to test it thoroughly!


  5. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Thanks for the feedback Ricardo!

    - There is a bug preventing entries with only country information from being geocoded. I will fix it to the next version. Thanks for alerting me!

    - I’m not sure what you mean by being able to edit URL and Arrival. That is possible to do right now. Do you mean that would like to edit where they show up in the table?

    - Travelmap is primarily intended for people who wants a simple way to show their current travel plans. You are right that it is inconvenient if you have several maps and need to add to the first ones, but I think it would add to much complexity to the admin interface to handle multiple maps there. But I will think about it some more.

  6. Ricardo says:

    Hi Marcus!
    URL and Arrival: please ignore. For unknown reasons the edit button was not showing up last night.

    Multiple maps: well… you can either create a new page to be displayed before the current one where you list each trip or create a new one. Upon selection, you are taken to the current page where you add locations.

    In alternative, and this somewhat addresses my suggestion and improves your current concept, add an extra field to each location (called trip_id for example) to be filled with a numerical value.
    This way you can use a shortcode like [travelmap-map trip=2] and avoid the problems of the current interval system. This way you can add a “billion” new locations to the earliest maps without affecting the display of the ones after.


  7. Fredrik Eder says:

    Hi Marcus.

    Another solution to Ricardo’s suggestion of multiple maps are to add another search possibility for date in the shortcode like this [travelmap-map from_date=2009-10-10 to_date=2009-11-11].


  8. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Ricardo: Both variants are workable, but I would like to keep the interface simple since this is not a core feature.

    Fredrik: Good suggestion! I will probably make the existing first and last attributes accept dates as well at row numbers since not everybody uses arrival dates. I will try to get the next version out in the coming week.

  9. FoxA83 says:

    Hi There
    Very nice Plugin indeed, do you a good place to find the longitude and latitude? Because just with the country and city it doesn’t geocode well… Thanks in advance

  10. tohvnh says:

    I second the last comment. Entering New Delhi / India, no coordinates come up…

  11. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    FoxA83 and tohvnh: Thanks for pointing it out to me! Geocoding had stopped working because of a change in the variable names Google uses for their location object.

    In the new version (v1.3.1) I have updated the plugin to use the more stable public lat() and lng() methods.

    Hopefully it will work better now.

  12. tohvnh says:

    Works great. Thanks for the quick and astute response!

  13. Darren (also travelling) says:

    Great plugin Marcus. Are the following just features, or am I doing something wrong:
    1. When entering more than 26 stops, the lettering stops at Z.
    2. Placenames with an apostrophe get displayed with as an escape character instead. e.g. Xi’an (in China) is displayed as Xi/’an.
    3. Geocoding working alot better after your latest update, but at times I still find it a bit hit or miss.

  14. marc says:

    hi marcus

    i installed yr plugin, added to places:

    1: luzern, switzerland
    2: lindau, germany

    lat/long was inserted automatically by your plugin. so far, so well.
    i created a new page, used this tag: [travelmap-map height=400]
    and created also a new post, used this tag: [travelmap-list]

    but none of them are displayed on the page/post. what’s wrong?

    by the way: i’ was reading all the comments on yr page about the plugin and i’m also interested to show more than one trip. but
    trips can be on the same date as well. eg: peter, paul and marry
    are travelling around, each trip i like to show in a seperate map
    for each traveller and in a big map all trips of them.
    how can i do that?

    greetings and… compliments for your plugin.
    marc (from switzerland)

  15. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Hi Darren,
    1. That is correct. The markers are only big enough for one letter so instead of making the markers bigger they only show one letter. Sometime in the future I plan on making custom markers with numbers from 1 to 99, but this is the best alternative I can think of for now.

    2. This seems to be a problem on web hosts with magic_quotes on. Will fix it in the next version.

    3. The plug-in is using the Google Geocoding Api, so it is hard for me to do anything about the quality. What kind of places do you have trouble with? Do you use English or local place names?

  16. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Hi Marc,
    It’s hard to say what the problem could be. Du you add it in HTML or visual mode? Is it in a page or in a post?

    As for your second question: Multiple concurrent maps is i bit more complicated and not something Travel map supports right now. Maybe some time in the future.

  17. Clinton says:

    Hey Marcus,

    Love the plugin!
    Hope you can keep it updated and iron out any bugs like the ones mentioned above (and get the delete button working?)

    Would be a shame to see a great plugin like this not kept up to date!


  18. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Hi Clint,
    Do you also have problem with the delete button? Could you tell me what version of Travel map you are running and what browser version you are using?

    I would love to fix the problem with the delete button, but since I can’t replicate the bug it’s hard for me to do.

  19. James says:

    Hey Marcus, I am very new to WordPress and plugins but this looks like a very good plugin – Stupid question time… I cant see how to insert it into a post or page and get the Travelmap plugin administration panel up as I see above…

    Your help is appreciated!


  20. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Hi James,
    After you have installed and activated the plugin you should find a link to the admin page in the administration menu under settings.

  21. lex says:

    Hi Marcus,

    first of all: enjoy your travels! (I’ve spent a winter on Koh Tao back in 96, great place! Seeing your page brings back memories…)

    Now, about your plugin: It is almost what I was looking for, only, not so much for a personal travel, but for a travel site. What would be great if it would be possible to have no linking lines between the different pins. Is that difficult to achieve? Can I do it myself?

    All other map plugins seem to be meant to place the map at the post, but this would be great for the homepage with pins linking to posts or search pages (for example: “koh samui” if there would be more than 1 post about koh samui.)

    Anyway, must be nearly 2011 where you are, have a great year abroad!

    Tak, Lex

  22. The problems I have encountered so far is that the ‘delete’ button on the list doesn’t work (I’m trying to use version 1.3.1) then I also can’t delete the plugin itself to re-install.

  23. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Hi everybody!
    With the new version of Travelmap (1.4), most of the bugs you have found should be fixed:
    - The delete button issue in IE is fixed.
    - The geocoding should work a lot better.
    - No more inserted slashes before apostrophes.
    - The markers look better and are numbered from 1-99.
    - Partial maps can be created with dates as well as row numbers.
    - Lines or markers can be turned of.

    Take a look at the changelog for a full list of improvements.

  24. Scott says:

    Hi Marcus,

    I have added your plugin to my site, added some locations, and added the shortcode to a page and a post but all I get is a white box where the map should be when the page I have posted it into loads. The list loads fine.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Scott

  25. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Hi Scott,
    Do you use any attributes with you shortcodes?
    Could you select view source and paste the text between the javascript tags somewhere under <div class="entry">?

  26. Scott says:

    Hi Marcus,

    The only thing I have in the post is:

    [[travelmap-map height=400]]


    [Edited out a bit of code /Marcus]

    Here is a link to my post with the map on my site: http://www.evilninjapirates.com/scotty/?p=341

    Thanks, Scott

  27. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    I see what the problem is. You are using an old or badly made theme. For plugins to be able to add javascript and css to pages, there has to be hooks that outputs them in the script.

    For a quick fix you could add <?php wp_footer(); ?> just before the closing body tag in footer.php and add <?php wp_head(); ?> just before the closing head tag in header.php.

  28. Scott says:

    Hi Marcus,

    It’s working now. Thanks very much.

    Amazing plugin. Perfect for my travels. Nothing else really compares.

    Thanks, Scott

  29. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    You are welcome Scott. Happy travels!

  30. Scott says:

    Hi Marcus,

    Since I got it working and adding more locations, I now have another problem where the lines aren’t going to all the stops. Just directly to where I am now and then where I am planning on going next. It was working when I had less locations in it.


    Thanks, Scott

  31. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Hi Scott,
    There seems to be a strange bug with Google maps that affects your map that I can’t quite figure out. It seems like your last point for London messes with the line somehow. It works fine when London is not the present place or if you change the position of the last London marker slightly (for example the latitude from -0.1262362 to -0.1262363). Unfortunately I don’t know what the exact problem is.

  32. Scott says:

    Very strange indeed Marcus. Thanks for having a look. I tried deleting and recreating the last London entry but the problem still occurs. I changed it slightly as you mentioned and fixes the problem completely so will leave it like that as it doesn’t effect it all.

    Thanks again, Scott.

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  34. movement says:

    Hey Scott,

    A wave to you for your travels!:) Hope everything has gone perfectly:) Love your plugin btw! :) Just installed it and it is a wonder. As always, I have a question tho’ :D Is there a way to put the plugin to a template?:)

    Thank you for everything you have done. And like others I wish you will have the energy to keep developing the plugin since it has the best base I’ve seen so far:) You should definitely put up a donation link as soon as the plugin hits off more:) I will be the first one to donate:) That should keep you on the road for a little while longer hopefully:)

  35. Hello,

    Is it possible to have a url link with blank page.


  36. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    @movement: Thanks! Yes, you should be able to add the map to a template. You can activate a shortcode manually with php. For example like this:
    <?php echo do_shortcode("[travelmap-map height=400]"); ?>

    @pascal: I’m not really sure I understand what you are asking. If you add an url to the url field the city name will be linked to that url. You could of course link to an empty page of you want to. If you don’t want the city name linked you simply leave the url field empty.

  37. I would like to open a new page when I click on the city link and not have to leave my site.


  38. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Sorry Pascal, you have to add a bit of javascript. Take a look at the first answer here and change “#images” to “#travelmap-list” and “new” to “_blank”.

    That said, it’s usually a good idea to let the user decide when to open new windows.

  39. I’m so sorry but I need yor help again, where have i to put this javascript ?

    Thanks a lot.

  40. I put the modified javascript in travelmap.js and it’s working (I didn’t write #travelmap-list but travelmap-list, no hash).


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  42. movement says:

    Thanks Scott!:) I figured that this same applies to the list view? Cool! Thanks a lot and all the best in the future and your travels. Soon I’ll be on the road as well, for at least a year. Yay! :)

    Oh, and by the way. After working as a Lead UI Designer for the past 4 years I second this totally:

    “That said, it’s usually a good idea to let the user decide when to open new windows.”

    Hear hear!

  43. Hi,

    Is it possible to change the default map view, put in hybrid view by example.


  44. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Not right now Pascal. Maybe I’ll add it in the next update.

  45. Jackson Lo says:

    Hi Marcus,

    Great plugin! Two questions:

    1. Is it possible to change the colour of the marker? If so how?
    2. Can I remove the arrival column and only list the location column from the travel list?



  46. Wouter says:

    Hi Marcus,

    I got a similar problem as mentioned before. The box for the map remains empty. The box with the list seems to be working well.
    Tried the solutiom with the header and footer. No luck

    have a look: http://www.onzekroeg.com/woutervisser/zam/?page_id=11

    You have any ideas?

    Regards, and thanks for your nice plugin


  47. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Hi Jackson,
    1. No, not easily. The markers are 300 individual image files. You could of course make your own markers and replace them, but that takes a bit of work.
    2. It’s probably possible to do with a bit of css or javascript, but there is no setting for it. It seems unnecessary to include it for lists with no dates in them though and I will look in to removing it automatically for the next update.

  48. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Hi Wouter,
    It seems like the dates you use are reversed (28-01-2011 instead of 2011-01-28).

  49. Wouter says:

    Hi Marcus,

    Can’t edit. Your app gives an error on page. Don’t know why. Think of removing it, unless you have any idea.

    Like the app, but its too much work to get it going


  50. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Unless you can be a bit more specific I have a hard time helping you.
    When do you get the error? On pressing edit or on pressing save?
    What kind of error are you getting?
    What browser are you using?

  51. Michael says:

    Hejsan Marcus!

    Awesome plugin! Tack ska du ha! It’s more or less exactly what I was looking for! I especially like that there is no need to register anywhere. Great work!

    One bug? Sometimes, the geocoding works better if one gives something like “Franklin, TN” for the city and “United States” for country. The coordinates are geocoded correctly but the marker is shown in the nowhere and a link is “autogenerated” with ‘http://adress-of-map-page/country’. Removing the part after the ‘,’ e.g. “Franklin” instead of “Franklin, TN” afterward solves this problem. Marker is now displayed at the correct position, link is gone.

    Suggestion: Would it be possible to make the markers click-able with the respective URL?

    Tack igen, ha det så bra och en underbara resa!

  52. Bas Anneveldt says:


    I have the problem that there no line appear between de waypoints in my travelmap. I haven’t change anything in the previous time. Is there anybody who have an solution?

    Thanks for your help.

    Greetz Bas

  53. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Thanks for pointing that out. Right now every row is saved as a comma separated string. When you add a comma in one field, everything gets pushed to the right and the country becomes the link. I will try to fix this in the next version, but a quick fix could be to try to use a blank space or a dot instead of a comma between city and state.

  54. Erik says:

    Awesome plugin! One thing; I don’t see the zoom/streetview option on the left side of the map, either in Chrome 9 or IE 8. Any solution? Thanks

  55. Thank you for such a great plug in – it solved a few navigational problems on our site.

    The only thing I’d change is to reverse the date order so the most recent arrival date and city appears first on the list. This way, visitors can quickly link through to the most recent posts.

    Can you tell me how to do this with Travel Map?


  56. wouter says:

    Hi Marcus,

    thanks for your reaction. The error is that the box remains empty, as shown on the page of which i provided a link (http://www.onzekroeg.com/woutervisser/zam/?page_id=11).

    To be clear: what do i have to do to get the map in the box?

    Preferably send me an email, so i can answer your questions.

    Thanks in advance

  57. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    There is no easy way to do that right now, but I will consider a sort option for the next update.

    Do you see it in any other browsers? The plug-in does not set the controls, they are rendered by Google. I would guess that the size of the map affects what kind of controls are shown. Maybe you could try making the map larger?

  58. Erik says:

    I tried it in Chrome 9 and IE 8; same issue. The controls are there, but they are sort of invincible. I also tried to make the map bigger (height) but it doesn’t solve the problem. I can send you a link to the page via email, makes it easier I think.

  59. Johnn says:

    Hi Marcus,

    This is such a wonderful plugin and successfully setting it up just made my day! Initially I had problem setting it up, but all thanks to your great plugin site and responses from everyone here, I managed to sort the “kinks” out. I will buy you a couple of beers if you ever come to Singapore! =)

    Many thanks!

  60. Lo says:

    Hi, I’m setting up a blog for my honeymoon and I was searching a plugin just like yours.
    I have only one question: would it be possible to select the color of markers and lines? I would really like to use different colours for different transports (train=black, bike=green, plane=blue for example).
    Jätte bra jobb! Tack så mycket!!!

  61. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Sorry Lo,
    It’s not possible to set colors manually. The lines are theoretically possible to set dynamically, but since the markers are images you would have to create 100 new images for every color you wanted to use.

    It would have been really nice if it was possible though.

  62. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Thanks John!
    I stopped by Singapore a couple of months ago, but the next time I’m there I’ll hold you to it ;-)

  63. Jellert says:


    Superb plugin. I just have one problem.
    I’m currently travelling around Australia (and just started in Asia) but when I put a city in Australia like Newcastle in the travelmap, he refferes to the city in the UK (same names).

    How do I resolve that ? Am I doing something wrong?

    Can you please send email? :)

    Thanks a lot & keep doing the good work!


  64. Lo says:

    Hi Jellert,
    I’m not the developer, but using travelmap I probably can help you. Have you tried to insert country also? If you put newcastle and australia in city and country and save, travelmap will automatically locate the city.

  65. Jellert says:

    Hi Lo,

    Thanks for your feedback but it isn’t working. It still looks we’ve crossed the world in 2 months :) :)

    Thanks anyway!

  66. Jellert says:

    Sorry, I’m wrong, it does work after plugin update!


  67. stephan says:

    hi marcus

    thanks for your plugin – easy to install and to enter the necessary coordinates.
    but: how do i localise the list entries, i.e. date format and list header?
    since i’m new to wp i don’t know how i have to do it…

  68. gualo says:

    Excellent plug in, thank you so much.
    I’m traveling through Asia without a precise plan but I add future destinations when I think I’ll go there giving the approximate date of arrival so people can see where I’m heading.
    It happened that I added a destination after I had added others and the problem is that the list and markers are not sorted by date but by row number as entered. Can this be changed? Alternatively, is it possible to change the row order?

    Also, is it possible to display future destinations in a different way/color?

    Thanks again for this plug in and thanks in advance for your help

  69. gualo says:

    Boy, do I feel dumb! :-p
    After I wrote my previous post I continued reading the documentation and the sources and found the answers to both issues.

    Sorry for having bothered you

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  71. Pascal says:

    Hi Marcus!
    Thank you very much for your plug in!
    I want to know if I can use your plug in only to show all destination I went in my life without be linked together…? Thank you!


  72. Ritz Rosario says:

    Using plug in will help you minimize your time looking up for the map where ever you are .

  73. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    @Stephan: Sorry, I haven’t implemented localization yet. It will probably be a while until I am able to do that – I have a lot of work right now.

    @Pascal: Set the attribute lines to false to turn off lines: [travelmap-map lines=false]

  74. Simon says:

    Hi, Nice Plugin. Everything seems to work well,

    I don’t have any markers or lines on the maps.

    I’ve tried markers=true and lines=true, but no joy. Any thoughts?

  75. Simon says:

    Umm, it’s fixed itself by some magic. Love it.. Cheers

  76. luke says:

    Thanks for such a great plugin. I think my site, http://www.hewanders.com has probably given it the best possible work out and I love all of its functionality and simplicity….Thanks so much.
    Just two aspects I would like to clarify though,
    1, Is it possible to have some markers joined by the line and not others? i.e the parts where i travelled by bus connected and long haul flights not.
    2, Is there a way I can default the map to be the satellite image for viewing.

    Thanks again and I hope you are enjoying the travels, maybe I’ll bump into somewhere

  77. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Wow Luke, that’s a lot of traveling! I see that a 100 markers is not enough for everybody. In the next version I will include the marker files so you can make more if you need to.
    1. No, it’s not possible and probably will not be for some time. I might be able to add it some time in the future.
    2. No, not right now – but I will add a config option in the next version.

  78. Char says:

    I LOVE this plugin (we’re currently in the midst of a trip around the world and it’s perfect for our blog). I do have one question, please forgive me as I’m very new to this – how do I get it imbedded in the sidebar as in your example? I have figured out how to do put it into a page or post but I’d like it to just come up in the sidebar automatically anytime someone visits the page.

  79. Char says:

    I also have the same problem that others have had where my map does not have any lines or markers – any suggestions for how I can get these to show up? Here is my page: http://joshandcharsbigadventure.com/?page_id=33

  80. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Hi Char,
    It looks like everything is working now – I can at least see the markers and lines.

    I’m not sure about what you mean with “embedded in the sidebar as in my example”. I’m not using Travelmap in the sidebar… But if you want to show it in the sidebar you have to modify the sidebar.php file in the theme you are using. Insert the example from this comment: http://travelingswede.com/travelmap/#comment-442

  81. Huson says:

    Your plugin is great! However, I want to know if I can show the location with mark only but without the number inside?

  82. Jesse says:

    Hi Marcus. Spent a long time trying to find a plugin to suit the needs of my girlfriend while we travel. This is by far the best implementation I’ve seen combined with ease of use. Its a testament to your skill!

    I have one simple question – while I can extend the height of the map easily how can I extend the width? Perhaps this is done on the fly but my current theme is boxing it down.

    Here is my current implementation at height=700 – appreciate any help


  83. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    @Huson: No, it’s not possible to show unnumbered markers right now – but I will include it in the next version.

    @Jesse: The width is automatically the same as the element the map is contained in. That way it doesn’t unintentionally break anything else on the page. To override the width of the container just set another width for #travelmap in your themes css-file.

  84. liz Evans says:

    Hi Marcus

    would love to have different coloured lines for each year we travel on the map? Otherwise this is a great plugin


  85. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Hi Liz,
    Unfortunately I think different colored lines for different years is a bit to specific to be worth the extra complexity. Maybe you could show one map for every year you have traveled instead?

  86. Rene says:

    Thank you for the plugin, works like a charm.

    I would like an option whether to show a marker or not (to show the direction you traveled without leaving a “marker” maby just a dot.)

    Tested some of the other maps plugins but they are to complicated an eat the travel time away :-)

  87. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Thanks Rene! Take a look at the heading “Turning off lines or markers” at the beginning of the page.

  88. Alex says:

    Hi Marcus

    I’m building a blog for my upcoming travel. The plug-in is installed and working, except the map markers aren’t showing on the map at all.

    I tried adding [travelmap-map markers=true] and it didn’t work either, well,adding this code actually added an empty white box between the map and the list on the published page. Not sure what is wrong so if you have any idea to help it would be most welcome. The website provided is a link to the said page.


  89. Rene says:

    Should have explained better :-)

    I would like a check box for the marker so you can chose the option for one marker and not for all of them.

  90. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Aha, now I understand. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will implement a marker option for every location – it would just add complexity without being useful to most people.

  91. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    It looks like the markers are placed om the map, but something prevents them from being loaded. Something in your WordPress setup seems to intercept the loading of the images and return an empty image instead.

  92. David says:

    Hi Marcus,

    thanks for your excellent plugin!

    A nice feature would be to have a possibility to just show the last x destinations. It would be handy when I include the destination list on a widget and only want to show the last 5 locations.

    Maybe something like: [travelmap-list onlylast=5]

  93. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Good suggestion David!
    I will add it to the next version.

  94. ALex says:

    Thanks for the answer Marcus. I got it to work now. I disabled every plug-in I had and reverted to the Twenty-on theme, and it wasn’t working.

    I decided to try to overwrite the icons files (something I had tried already), and this time, well,…go figure but it worked.

  95. Andy says:

    Hi Marcus

    I had the blank white box problem where the map was suppose to display, but fixed that with your header and footer code additions mentioned above.

    Now, the only problem is that when I click on the map markers nothing happens (i.e. it doesn’t take me to the URL I have entered).

    Note: I’ve tried a few different URLs and have made sure they all start with http:// (even tried with and without www.)


  96. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Andy, unfortunately the markers are not intended to work as links (the links are used in the list). I agree that it would be great if they were, but that is not the standard behavior for Google Maps. There might be a way to fix it and I’ll have a look at it again for the next update.

  97. Jill Browne says:

    I couldn’t uninstall this plugin. I like it but I changed my website and don’t need it there just now. There is a typo in your uninstall module. I am not a techie so I can’t say this in the right language, but I used the Edit function for the plugin, and changed UNINSTAL to UNINSTALL and then it worked.

  98. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Hi Jill,
    Thanks for letting me know about the uninstall bug. I’ll include a correction in the upcoming version.

  99. Matt says:

    Hey Marcus,

    First off, this plugin is incredible…

    My question is seconding Andy’s comment. Is it possible that the next version will allow me to have the markers as hyperlinks?

    I have this as the homepage of a blog I author and the hope is that visitors will be able to click the marker and take them to my post related to that region?

    Any thoughts?

  100. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Thanks Matt,
    I have looked in to it some more, and I will include it in the next update. Hopefully I’ll find the time to release the next smaller update in a few weeks.

  101. James says:

    Hi there! I love your plugin but.. why doesn’t show up in widget (text/html) with shortcode?

    Do I miss something? Cause can’t find such info around here!

    Thanks :D

  102. James says:

    Nvm! Adding
    add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');
    to active theme’s functions.php do the trick :D

  103. Jaap says:

    Thanks for this great plugin Marcus!

  104. Greg says:


    I am migrating our WordPress to another server which means I have to migrate the plugin data too. I couldn’t help realising that when you copy the HTML text of your plugin across the locations are all lost in transit! Can this be fixed so I don’t have to input all the data again? Let me know what you think at my given e-mail address!


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  106. Do you plan to support OpenStreetMaps someday in the future? As there are sometimes better maps of cities in “hidden” parts of the world…

  107. Ryan Brown says:

    Never mind, all working! I am guessing it doesn’t let you put past dates in there? I was putting in a starting date four years ago to track all past travels as well but that is what caused the “white-out”. Do you think this will be a feature in the future to mark past unrecorded travels?

    Thanks again and amazing plugin!

  108. Alex says:

    Down loaded and inserted but just shows a grey box and cant add any locations…. i am clearly missing something!?? Haha.

  109. Per Agge says:

    Thanks for a splendid plugin!
    However I’ve found which is the following.
    I’m going on a trip starting the 20 october 2011 and probably finishing the 23 january. I’ve added the starting city with a date 2011-10-20, the cities I will go to (without dates because i dont know when i will be there) and then the ending city with a date 2012-01-23. But some how the plugin thinks I am currently at the next last city (black picture) and the last one (with date) is purple.
    One must be able to put in dates on just some destinations, right?

  110. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    @Petrin: At the moment I have no plans to support OpenStreetMaps. I will look into it, but it’s not something I have planed for the upcoming version.

  111. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    @Ryan: It’s should work with dates in the past – but you can get unpredictable results if there are dates for only a few destinations or if the order of the dates and the position of the dates doesn’t match.

  112. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    @Alex: To be able to help you I need a bit more information. What happens when you try to add destinations? What web browser are you using?

  113. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    @Per: I haven’t tested using dates for only some destinations, but I suspect that you could get unpredictable results. The intended use is either with dates for all destinations or totally without – but I will try to make it work better with missing dates in the next version.

  114. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    @Greg: The only way to migrate the plugin right now is to move the actual database table also.

  115. Per Agge says:

    Thanks Marcus,
    To be able to add dates to just certain destinations (start and stop eg.) is a pretty important feature in an awesome plugin like this.

    Se till att knaka kod nu;)
    Jag ska till sydamerika i tre månader och förhoppningsvis ha det underbart. Lycka till med allt!

  116. Yves says:

    Hi Marcus,

    thanks for your excellent plugin!

    I had a little problem with the controls of google map, they will not always appear or they will look weird. I found on the internet that some themes use img {max-width: 100%; } in the CSS and that display the controls in a weird way. To resolve this problem I added to the file screen.css the following line #travelmap img { max-width: none; }. I think you should add this line for your next release to prevent this situation.



  117. silvia says:

    Hi marcus,
    I think your plugin is very interesting and I would like to add it to my sailing blog. My sole concern is that I would need to have more than 99 position in my maps, or the possibility to split my sailing route in different maps to more have more positions.
    Is it possible?

  118. Kevin says:

    hi there,
    im running into the white blank show no map error

    the tags you mentioned for the header and footer where already implemented in the theme, could use your help

    regards and thanks

  119. Vincent says:

    Hi Marcus,

    Very nice plugin.
    While on October 5, 2011 at 03:51 Yves says to add #travelmap img { max-width: none; } to the css to control the display of the map, he’s right ! it works verywell, !



  120. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    @Yves: Thanks! Setting the max-with to none seems to solve a common problem with Google Maps. Will definitely add that to the next version.

  121. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    @Silvia: You can have as many positions as you need in your map – but they will only be numbered up to 99. After that you’ll get flags without numbers. If you really want the numbers you can split your map – take a look at the heading “partial maps” to see how it’s done.

  122. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    @Kevin: I need more information to be able to help you. Do you have a link to the page where you are trying to show the map?

  123. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    @Per: Det verkar som vi kommer vara i Buenos Aires samtidigt. Hör av dig när du kommer dit så tar vi en öl!

  124. Per agge says:

    Harligt, dock sa vet jag inte nar jag Kommer vara dar exakt utan satte bara ett ungefart datum (eftersom pluginet tydligen kraver datum pa alla destinationer;)). Men det vore gott att ta en eller helst flera ol I Buenos Aires!
    Hasta Luego!

  125. FHK says:

    Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for this really good plugin we are using on our website, and will do so for the next year.

    We noticed one problem though. Apparently people using Internet Explorer cannot see the lines (they can only see the marks). Since we chose to show only the lines, they can’t see anything. Do you know how we can fix this little problem?

    Thanks in advance!


  126. Bryan says:

    Love the simplicity of your map and it goes along well with the blog I’m creating. Is there any way to have the map automatically appear in “Terrain” mode? Thanks.

  127. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    I am really happy that so many of you (over 3000 downloads now) are using the plugin. But since you have a lot of suggestions it’s getting difficult to keep track of all of them in this monster comment thread.

    To make it easier to organize new features and keep track of bugs I have started a forum at Uservoice instead. It will hopefully make it easier for you to track the progress of improvements and let me know how I can improve Travelmap in the future.

    The new forum is at travelmap.uservoice.com

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