My travel map

So, my travel plan is basically to follow the weather, stay 1-3 months at a few places and make shorter stops in between. I don’t know how long a will be traveling, but definitely more than one year and probably less than three. I try not to plan to much, but always seem to have a pretty good idea of where I am going six months ahead anyway.

Marked in blue are places I have visited, pink marks planned stops.

Destination Arrival
1 Stockholm, Sweden -
2 Göteborg, Sweden June 1, 2010
3 Rome, Italy June 10, 2010
4 Tropea, Italy June 13, 2010
5 Reggio Calabria, Italy September 3, 2010
6 Palermo, Italy September 8, 2010
7 Marsala, Italy September 9, 2010
8 Palermo, Italy September 10, 2010
9 Sorrento, Italy September 13, 2010
10 Rome, Italy October 12, 2010
11 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia October 14, 2010
12 Singapore, Singapore December 8, 2010
13 Koh Samui, Thailand December 12, 2010
14 Hanoi, Vietnam January 11, 2011
15 Hong Kong, China February 22, 2011
16 Göteborg, Sweden May 2, 2011
17 Strängnäs, Sweden June 7, 2011
18 Göteborg, Sweden June 9, 2011
19 Stockholm, Sweden August 12, 2011
20 Göteborg, Sweden August 14, 2011
21 Bari, Italy October 1, 2011
22 Otranto, Italy October 2, 2011
23 Rome, Italy October 29, 2011
24 Hasseludden, Sweden October 30, 2011
25 Stockholm, Sweden November 1, 2011
26 Göteborg, Sweden November 8, 2011
27 Buenos Aires, Argentina November 29, 2011
28 Montevideo, Uruguay February 25, 2012
29 Buenos Aires, Argentina February 26, 2012
30 Göteborg, Sweden May 3, 2012
31 Uppsala, Sweden May 25, 2012
32 Göteborg, Sweden May 28, 2012
33 Fiskebäckskil, Sweden June 22, 2012
34 Göteborg, Sweden June 24, 2012

This map was made with Travelmap, my own WordPress plugin. Get it for your own blog.

39 Responses to My travel map

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  2. Bra tillägg Markus!

  3. Parmadi says:

    You should visit Indonesia.. especially Bali, it’s such a wonderfull place with great view, nice beach, and warm hospitality :)

  4. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Thanks Omer!

    Paramadi: I will definitely visit Indonesia sometime – but unfortunately not this year.

  5. sounds like a great way to see the world.

    How do you line up jobs, before you get there or after you get there ?

  6. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Richard, I do most of my work for old clients back in Sweden or on my own projects.

    I think getting new clients while on the road is the hardest part. Companies in Sweden tend to want at least one meeting before signing on and working for companies in the countries I am visiting might get me into trouble with immigration.

  7. Hello,

    Is it possible to change the default mode view, get hybrid map by example ?



  8. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Not right now Pascal. Maybe I’ll add it in the next update.

  9. Urs says:

    Really nice plugin and very easy to use.
    You can see it live on my website
    Thanks a lot

  10. Ash Quadir says:

    1. Is it possible to have the Travelmap feature show up as an option when a WordPress Author adds a new post — not just an Admin? So, Travel Map would appear on the Add New Post page. (Author does not have access to Travelmap under settings.)

    2. Is it possible to have a Insert Travel Map button on the Tiny MCE editor, so the shortcode does not have to entered? And also specify where the maps is to be located — not just entering the short code in the location you want the map to show up?

  11. Anthony says:

    This was very helpful and I used it on my site! Thank so you much.

  12. hello Marcus,

    thank you very much for your nice work doing this travel plugin for wordpress. I deeply enjoy it due to its practicability.

    I would like to use this map, but, I would like to have several maps. can I do this? I mean, i try to separate my travels into years (please see your map here but, I can only access and create one map? can i somehow create map for 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 etc,

    thank you, greetings from Istanbul

  13. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Hi João,
    Yes, it’s possible to show different maps by inputting the places in one big list and then splitting it up into several maps. Take a look at the section “Showing partial maps” here:

  14. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Hi Ash,
    No, none of your suggestions are possible right now. The do seem like good ideas though and I have added them to the to-do list.

  15. Sandy says:

    Why haven’t you been to Spain? We live in Nerja and the sun shines all the time here!



  16. Carl says:

    Hi, I have been trying to get your cool plugin working on my site but the zoom bar doesn’t seem to display correctly, on all browsers I try :( Can you see anything that is wrong? Cheers, Carl

  17. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Hi Carl,
    It’s the max-with; 100% on “#content img” (line 454 in style.css) that messes things up for Google.

    It should work if you either remove it or add #content #travelmap img {max-width:auto;} somewhere in your css.

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  19. adayna says:

    I am using your plugin on my WordPress site. I want the map to show and then the list. The list appears below but there is a huge space between the list and the map. Help! How do I narrow the gap / white space between the 2, map and list?

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  21. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    @adayna: There shouldn’t be a lot of space between them, but there might be something in your theme that collides. Do you have a link to a page where this occurs?

  22. kiljan says:

    Hej, grym plugin. Helt perfekt i mitt tycke. Jag använder nu. Det ända jag önskar är en funktion att kunna vända på ordningen. Dvs. att varje ny plats man besöker automatiskt kommer överst. Jag vet att det går att dra i vänstra kanten och själv flytta upp posten. Det vore ändå bra om det fanns en funktion att vända på steken. Tack för en bra plugin!

  23. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    @kiljan: Wow, nice pictures you’ve got on you site! I will try to add an option to reverse the order in the next update.

  24. Raam Dev says:

    Hey Marcus,

    Thanks for the great plugin! On your next update, could you please use the https version of the Google jQuery UI CSS?

    In travelmap.php, the function that loads the non-SSL version of this file is travelmap_add_stylesheet(). I’m running SSL on my site and the Travelmap plugin causes the browser to throw an error about loading insecure content.


  25. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    @Raam: Fixed for the next version.

  26. Seraj Gool says:


    Firstly, Thank you for an amazing plugin. Simple, quick and easy to use. I’ve added it to my blog and works like a charm. I just have 1 question, I’ve added all the places I’ve visited which has come up in blue and would like to add the places I still want to visit in another colour as you have. How do I go about doing this?

    Thank you and Kind regards,
    Seraj Gool

  27. Marcus (Traveling Swede) says:

    Hi Seraj,
    If you use dates places in the future will be pink and your current location will be black. There are no way to manually set colors.

  28. Seraj Gool says:

    Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for clearing that up and for the speedy reply.


  29. Great plugin. But it would be even better if you used Google Maps’ API to display great-circle lines.

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  31. Dan says:

    Tja, snart i Göteborg, är det slut på resan då?

  32. Al Marchioni says:

    Can I use this plugin to show driving routes?

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  35. Tabari says:

    Can this map work with buddypress? And if so how do you place it in the profile section. Great app by the way!!!

  36. Louis says:

    Thank Marcus for great plugin.

  37. Duffelup says:

    I like to travel a lot. These is a great website and plugin for my trip log

  38. Wow! Thank you for this article! I’ve been wanting to add a travel map for aaaages but didn’t know how! :D

    Happy Travels!


  39. Martin says:

    is it possible to add confirmation to delete button please? It’s too easy to delete any place without possibility to undelete.


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