A few new projects

I have been back in Sweden over the summer and managed to get a lot of work done. I built TopSquashLadder, a site that lets squash clubs create nice club ladders for their members. Versions for tennis and badminton as well as sports in general are on the way. A little bigger project is Analytics Portfolio, a […]

New version of the Travelmap WordPress plugin

I just uploaded a new version of my map plugin for WordPress. It has been almost a year since the last update and there was a lot of feature requests queuing up. Here are the changes for version 1.5: Added clickable markers – all markers with urls are now clickable Added option to choose mapmode […]

New map plugin for travel blogs

I have gotten a lot of questions about where I am going, so I wanted to find a simple way to illustrate my travel plans. A simple WordPress plugin to show a map with my destinations connected by lines. Turns out that I couldn’t find anything that matched my requirements, so I decided to build […]