13th century italian poetry in seventies punk music

While reading about thirteenth century poet Cecco Angiolieri (in the excellent La Bella Lingua by Dianne Hales) I found myself recognizing the words of his most famous poem S’ì fosse foco. The lines felt vaguely familiar, something I thought was strange – italian poetry is not usually my thing. Finally, it was the last line […]

Pope in the fuse box

In out apartment, it’s almost impossible to use anything electrical while the washing machine is running – the fuse goes out immediately. The Italian solution to the problem? Put a photo of the pope in the electrical cabinet. I don’t know if this says more about Italian religiosity than the quality of Italian electrics…

Three days in Rome

First impressions: The heat! No wonder wealthy Romans in all ages have headed out of the city for the summer. The always present sound of ambulances. The way the town has grown in the gaps between the ruins. Three days in Rome is nothing, so I didn’t even try to see all the “must sees”. […]