About me

My name is Marcus Andersson. I have been working as a web developer in Stockholm, Sweden for the last five years.

Recently, I realized that there was no need for me to stay in Stockholm do be able to do my work. I quit my job, sold my apartment and started my own company. Now I travel the world doing work that a love – on my own web sites and as a freelancer.

Why am I doing this?

Why not? I used to travel a lot, but have been living in Stockholm the last ten years. Ordinary vacations stress me out – they seem to be over before they start. It probably helps that I have a job I can do from anywhere and no wife or kids. Finally, the brutal and never ending Swedish winter of 2010 pushed me over the edge.

Where am I going?

Anywhere the weather is nice, long term living is affordable and internet access is good. The last few years I have lived in Italy, Malaysia, Argentina, Sweden, Hong Kong, Thailand, Hungary, Turkey and Vietnam. Take look at my travel map for the full schedule.

How am I traveling?

I am not really that fond of the actual traveling – the waiting, unpacking, packing, motion sickness and airplane food. What I do like is getting to know new places. Making a city “my own” by creating some form “everyday life” in places a visit.

A aim to spend 1-3 months in most places. That way I don’t have to see everything right away – I can leave the guide book at home and discover new places in my own pace. It also lets me work for longer uninterrupted periods. Between my longer stays I fit in smaller trips to places close by as “mini breaks”.

Since I spend a lot of time in my room working, I usually stay at pretty nice hotels or rent apartments. It’s a bit impractical to stay in dorm rooms at hostels or hotels where the only place to work is the bed. You are more likely to find me at the wifi coffee shop than climbing mountains, navigating jungles or paddling remote rivers.

How long will I be traveling?

I don’t really know. As long as it’s fun and satisfying. I imagine something like two or three years.