My mobile office

Even if I have to spend most of my days working, I try to at least find good places to work from. Here are two of my favorites:

my office hong kong My mobile office
My usual spot at Cafe Habitu, 8 stories above Kowloon Park. HK island and the Peak in the background.
my office sorrento My mobile office
The cafe around the corner from my apartment in St. Agnello. Sorrentos Marina piccola in the background.


  1. Jesse

    Not bad Marcus. I’ve just embarked on a trip through North America working remotely for an Australian IT firm.

    My personal two favourites of work sites include;
    sublet in Vancouver. Great view over Stanley Park just above the nesting herons.
    Yaletown Starbucks. Rare sunny day in Vancouver and great free wifi at Starbucks. Pity about the glare.

    Have just bought a Bell wireless card so hopefully get some more nice outside days.

  2. Barb Oakland

    Greetings, Marcus! I’ve finally taken the time to check back for your website address from your mother’s Christmas card. What an amazing adventure you are having! Thank you for letting us share your experiences. I’ll forward your site address to our girls to make sure they connect with you.

    Laura & Joe are looking forward to traveling to Italy and Greece the first week of May. All of our family will be home this weekend for Easter. Jerry and I are moving in June, back to Eastern Iowa. Jerry is retiring, and we have bought a house in Marion, which is a part of Cedar Rapids. We will be one hour from Debi’s family but need to be able to help my parents while they are in a care center in Marion.

    We wish you continued great experiences!

  3. Marcus (Traveling Swede)

    Hi Barb!
    What a surprise to hear from you here! I have had a wonderful year in Italy and Asia, but in a week I will be heading home for the summer. I hope to return to Italy again sometime in the fall when the weather in Sweden gets to miserable…

    I am sure Laura & Joe will have a marvelous time in Italy. I highly recommend stopping by Sorrento (and of course Positano and Amalfi). It’s really easy to get to from Rome by car or train and it’s absolutely beautiful.

  4. nico

    enjoy your experience!!!!! i´m going out for 8 months around the word and ai started a blog just like this one!!!! i don´t have a domain yet but in a few days i will tell you!
    see you and good travel!!! ;)

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