Necessities of a modern backpacker

IMG 0600 Necessities of a modern backpacker
My electronic travel gear

Things I drag along on the road:

  • MacBook Pro 15” with charger, USB-splitter, mouse and travel lock
  • Amazon Kindle DX with USB cable
  • HTC Hero with charger and arm strap for running
  • Garmin Forerunner 305 (running watch with GPS) with charger/dock and heart rate monitor (not in picture)
  • Canon s90 (not in picture) with charger, 16 GB sd-card and gorillapod
  • Skross Travel Adapter, code pad for my internet bank, USB HSPDA modem, 8 GB USB memory, headphones and an inexpensive titanium watch

In all, I carry five different chargers. By charging my Garmin and the Kindle via USB I save some space, but still. When are the manufacturers going to agree on one standard for charging and data transfer?

It may look like a lot – but I actually use all of it regularly (which can’t be said of some of the clothes I brought).


  1. Ed

    Hi there,

    I am a traveling freelance developer too. I recently got a new Macbook and am concerned about security in guest houses / hostels in Thailand. Could you advise any places?

    Also where has good WiFi?

  2. Lavena

    do you really need all of this?! I have always thought, that during travel ppl should forget about computers, and all of that stuff. I take only charger, phone, camera and charrger for camera ;) I whink I would cry a lot if I had to make my rucksack heavy because all these things.

    Best regards,

  3. Emma Olmi

    ahahhaha is not that much at all!!!! great post. Need to do one about all my toys hermm I mean gadgets ;)

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