It has begun

So, I have started another blog. This is my fifth one, but it’s my first travel blog and the first one in English. There is still some work to do on the layout and configuration, but everything is starting to fall in to place.

At Traveling Swede I will write about my life traveling the world while working as a freelance web developer.

I had hoped to be able to write some during my travel preparations, but time flew and I write this sitting on my balcony in Tropea, Italy, so here is a short recap:

October 2009: Quit my job to concentrate on my own projects and do some freelance work
March 2010: Decided to leave Sweden
Beginning of April 2010: Put my apartment up for sale
End of April 2010: Sold my apartment in Stockholm
May 2010: Booked a 12 week course in Italian in Tropea in Calabria
Last weeks of May 2010: Sold most of my belongings on Blocket (swedish version of e-bay)
2 June 2010: Moved out of my apartment, packed the rest of my belongings and drove to my parents in Gothenburg.
10 June 2010: Left Gothenburg for Rome
13 June 2010: Left Rome for Tropea

More on Rome and life in Tropea in a few days.

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